Not intense knowledge, but intense dependence

Olivia Brinker

I don’t want my kids to be smart. I want them to be invested.

I’ve noticed a lot since having toddlers that parents are crazy about having the smartest kid. We see so many educational toys, games, shows, and tools everywhere around us and desire to have them all to ensure a smart kid. We want to make sure every situation is an educational one, including eating. It’s as if our 2 year old should experience a science lesson at the dinner table or they won’t appreciate learning in every circumstance.

That is just not me. Maybe it’s a little bit of laziness, but at the end of the day if my toddler even tried to do something new or different just once, I would be happy. Even if the result wasn’t successful, they tried!

Instead of placing dozens of learning options in front of my kids, I want them to find it themselves. Kids study everything. They don’t need any fancy tool, they have the world.

Think about it. Not only are they learning new ideas, colors, words, and experiences; they are learning about challenges, failures, and how to work towards a goal in their own way and at their own pace.

They will experience disappointment and want to give up, but here is my plan.

  • Show them that it’s okay to mess up, to get things wrong.
  • Use learning as a way to teach the reality of not being able to do things on our own. That in all of life’s struggle, God is the only one who can help us through.
  • Never be afraid to ask for help.
  • You will be good at things and bad at things. Train yourself in every area. Eventually the things you are good at may turn out to be a God-given talent or spiritual gift and used for a greater purpose.
  • When you are frustrated and just want to give up, God will be your resting place and will give you the strength to start again.

If my kids don’t end up being “smart” or bring home amazing report cards, I’ll still be proud of my kids.

My goal is not intense knowledge of the world, but intense dependence on the Lord.

I want them to desire to do His will, no matter how challenging.


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