Welcome to “Chaos and Quiet Times”! This place is for women: single, married, divorced, mom of one or mom of many, stay-at-home mom, work outside the home mom, empty nester, grandma.

Life can be full of joy, peace, happiness, health, love, laughter, and fun. But life also includes CHAOS, fighting, job troubles, sickness, betrayal, and loss.

Life can be full of laughing children, happy and healthy families, good meals, energetic pets, and laying in the backyard star gazing. But life also includes dirty laundry, screaming kids, yelling at your spouse, a budget that doesn’t reach, lack of sleep due to teenagers (or babies!), terminally ill parents, and grief.

This is a place to take a moment to breathe, to rest, to be encouraged, to be pushed and stretched, to know that you are not alone in the everyday-ness of life or the painful, knock-the-breath-out-of-you parts. No matter what you are walking through this month, this week, this very day, overwhelming pain or overflowing love, you can have a satisfied soul through QUIET TIMES; a contentment in the midst of plenty or want, flourishing or withering, rejoicing or weeping.

This will be revealed through transparent life experiences, through devotions and teaching, but all communicated from a biblical perspective and a new life being transformed by Jesus Christ.

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